Kidchan Travel Memories – Photo #2 Wine for Sale

Kidchan Travel Memories – Photo #2 Wine for Sale at Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

The following image was taken at Queen Victoria Market during my last trip to Melbourne.
Queen Victoria Market is also known as Queen Vic Markets is a major landmark in Melbourne, started as a small market in 1850's.

Wine for Sale, Queen Victoria Market
Wine for Sale

Personally there is so much to see and EAT at the market, so i strongly recommend it as a stop if you are planning to visit Melbourne. And if you are wondering, it is not as smelly as our local market.

About the Picture:
As i was passing by a friendly wine shop owner offer me FREE WINE tasting. I politely decline but asked permission to photograph his neat and nice wine shop instead.

Btw, this picture is also my Macbook Pro's Desktop Wallpaper.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Kidchan Travel Memories – Photo #2 Wine for Sale”

    1. Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. although i am crazy about wine, i pass the opportunity for that day. was leaving back to kl. dont want to have any alcohol before clearing custom:)

    2. Chris, learning from experience. During one of my flight from US when i was much younger, i had quite a few of those FREE miniature drinks. That become literally my longest flight! 🙂

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