Adira Chan’s First Day in School….

Adira Chan's First Day in School….

Wow! Time really flies.

Today is Adira's first day in Kindergarden. She did really well and so did Cheh cheh.

Faith was comforting and assuring Adira that everything will be fun and OK! even at age 5 she is forced to grow up.
Just before the school holidays, she was still clingy and crying uncontrollably.

Now she is the BIG SISTER.

Adira's Shoe Compartment
Adira's Shoe Compartment
Adira's First Assingment...
Adira's First Assingment...

Sending Adira to kindie is such a bittersweet feeling.

While am very happy she is growing up, I am sure i will definitely miss amongst other things her cute cute voice.

A reminder that time and tides waites for no man, and is time to buck up daddy ……

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    1. Hoyoyi! Happy new year! I am sure she will soon. she is quite strong. like her name:)

      Kruel: Happy new year! thanks , i am thinking about revamping the look 🙂

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