kUCHING shoutouts, Cancer patient needs help & Quarter life crisis updates!

kUCHING shoutouts, Cancer patient needs help & Quarter life crisis updates!

Dear All,

KUCHING ShoutOuts!

I have just (Not really) returned from an Amazing Kuching Wedding Fair trip. Made a lot of new friends and was reconnected with some old ones as well. The trip really warrant a LONG dedicated post by itself, and that takes time to write. So, just a quick shout out to (in no particular order and not meant to be exhaustive list):

1) Sarawak Filmakers Alwyn Teh, Bjorne Wong (Possesed) , Zarina Abdullah & ummi Khaltoum ( Cermin.
2) Bloggers & goodfriend Kennysia , Irene & Samatha Poh.
3) Old Uni mate Olivia Wong & her friends, in particular SarahChan who own a Superb fusion resturant called Magenta down at Jalan Nenas
4) New bridal industry friend – Zainab Retee of Studio & Andaman Q, Sarawak Videographer Peter Eng (Cahaya Teknologi) , Amy Lim (Crowne Plaza Riverside Kuching) , Noraini Ahmad (Holiday inn Hotels Resorts Kuching)
5) Sarawak wedding Photographer Alvin Leong (Alvin Leong Photography) , Michael Liew ,Harry Tan (Sarawak Photo-Art society) , Allen Ang , Jong Lee Peng , kho Chee Hui (Fish-Eye Images Workshop) , Sarawak veteran Photographer John TK Lai , Fong Wui Syn & many more who came to hear me speak
6) Karen & Jeremy Sim for their lovely lunch and coffee and the Kuching most happening coffee place – Bing! (FREE WIRELESS)
7) New friends who are the fastest scrabble player in East Malaysia – Geraldine Sim & Toh (guys, your “sometime today is still traumatising me!) & Adrian Ho (extreme Events) !
8) Kuching Emcee Gary Wong (Pengurusan E.S.L) and Sound engineer extraordinaire -Terence
9) Elia -who help me sourced for a room in the OVERBOOKED kuching
10) Media friends – Hii Kheng Juong ( See Hua Daily) ,Merilyn Ten (Eastern Times) & tang Kel Tze (International Times) who took precious time of their schedule to HEAR ME TALK
11) George Ling & wife Roselynn who runs amazing value for money world class eating joints namely the junk restaurant, bla bla bla …restaurant & the living room in tabuan road
12) The great people at Spiral Eventz, headed by Wendy and Isabella

WOW! …that a lot of people and there will be lots more!

Young Cancer Patient NEEDs HELP

On a serious note, while we count our blessings it's also our duty to remember those who are less fortunate. Good friend Brunei Photographer -Jan shim , forwarded me the following news clipping about Desmond Chin, a 20 year old Bruneian from Seria diagnosed with leukaemia in April 2005 and suffers from T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a type of cancer which causes more than normal quantities of white blood cells:

Found out how you can help young Desmond HERE

May God bless Desmond with strength and speedy recovery.

Quarter Life Crisis Update

I recevied a pleasant surprise in the form of email from the Author or Quarter Life Crisis, an essay written for PLAY magazine in April 2001.

I remember very vividly receiving it in the form of forwarded mail in the early year 200X. Although impress with the insights it did not felt like as if it was relevant to my live at that point and quickly deleted it.

Fast forward 2005, a flashback occur. I remember telling myself “Hey this is what that mail was talking about!” Then my only instinct was to google “Quarter-life Crisis” – and some random search appearded. Unfortunately, sites such as the following were all unable to cite the original author:


My only choice then to Credit the Author as Unknown like many great poems and short essays.

I am truly excited and happy to hear from the author of this great piece, where I found comfort in during a period of uncertainty in my life. Now that i know that Brenda Della Cassa the authour of the fabulous Cinderella Was a liar is the original author, i can give the replace the “by unknown” to by bella Della Cassa. YEAH!

Ok got to run……..talk later!

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