Ask Kid Chan – Do i need to feed my wedding photographer?

Ask Kid Chan – Do i need to feed my wedding photographer?

Dear Kid Chan,

I have a rather question that I am too embarrassed to ask my photographer. My wedding will be held in a hotel next March, do I need to provide him food?

Andrea Gomez, Bangsar

Dear Andrea,

Congratulations! I understand that the concern of providing food to the photographer at a hotel may be high.

As a professional, we do not expect to be provided with food. However based on my experience most of the time, as the photographer I am first in to capture the environment and last out after the family formal shots.

This means if I had arrived before 6pm and leaves at 12.00am, I would have been working for 7 hours straight without food (another half and hour to get to the nearest mamak stalls!)

At such it would be prudent to provide your photographer with some simple food like fried rice, if you don’t want them to faint at the reception.

I can assure you if you treat your photographer right, they will be even more motivated in capturing the shots.


This above translated Q&A first appeared in the column “bertanya kid chan” in Pesona Pengantin, Malaysia most highly circulated bridal magazine.

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    1. OMG this question has been buzzing about my brain for 2 weeks straight and yes this absolutely answers everything. i was thinking of providing fastfood for ‘behind-the-scenes’ people but was afraid they may have thought it was cruel of me to not spare them a table. thank you andrea for voicing the question all bride wonders but daren’t answer and thank you kidchan for offering a wise reply 🙂

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