What to talk about?

Dear All,

I was invited to give a FREE 2 hours talk on wedding photography for a Camera distributor sometime soon in September, which i have happily agreed. But the problem is what to talk about? Any suggestions?

For those interested, I will update on time and venue:)

Kid Chan, WPJA
” the most sought-after wedding photographer in Malaysia” -NST

5 thoughts on “What to talk about?”

  1. Dear Chan,

    Dunno whether this helps, but since most of the attendees will mostly be wedding photogs, why not elaborate to them the differences between traditional wedding photos, photojournalistic style and studio portraits photos. You can also discuss the pros and cons of each technique, and the current demand for each of these techniques. Just my humble opinion.

  2. besides talking on the camera settings/technical parts/accessories that used in wedding photography/photojournalism, I’d like you to give talk on

    1.)how a photojournalist shall see the subjects/ what & how to capture in weddings (emotions, people, feelings, environment)

    2.)pro & cons for digital/film wedding photojournalist.. why most wedding photojournalist still practising film?

    3.)printing for clients.. paper/size/albums/story board album?

    Thanks Kid for sharing with us (the newly born photog) 🙂 Rafi

  3. Kid this is so important for most women if not all – For you to talk about and educate the photgraphers on how to take picture using the correct angle especially when the subject is a “plus size” lady…

    You managed to make me look so much slimmer in my wedding pictures and i guess that makes you the best photographer in town!!

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