What do you want to Read?

Dear All,

Just woke up because Faith wanted milk. And now, i am kind of “Quite Awake”. However, I think this HAVE to be a quick post. Is raining rather heavy with lightning and all. Don't want my modem getting fried, do i?

So i was thinking, i really have quite a lot of things to blog about. I don't know where to start. Why don't you help me decide:

1) Which gorgeous BABES (yes -3 of them) i shared the dressing room with when I went for my Live interview on Breakfast show?

2) KIDCHANSTUDIO upcoming “Taking Better Photo for Beginnners” course with reknowned photography Guru and Black & White Specialist Alex Moh

3) Alex Moh

4) Images of my recent langkawi wedding – (NICE-heheh)

5) Happening places in Langkawi – ( I want to be a self-proclaimed Langkawi after I got this SPECIAL DREAM)

6) That special DREAM

7) The judging of Fashion on 1 photography contest

8) 50th Birthday of Bang Dale (Celebrity Emcee Extraordinaire Mr. Mahadzir Lokman)

9) the shoot of 21 NTV7 & 8TV Personalities in my humble studio

10) Finidng Nemo on ICE

11) the gorgeous Hindu Wedding of UK's Liam & Premala Huxley at the Chettiat temple followed by a dream wedding reception at the Carcosa Marquee

12) Oh! Happening places in BALI for 25-30 something ( just realized i never wrote about that!)

13) On the Set of Breakfast Show

14) The recent Mont blanc campaign in Harpers Bazaar, which i was given a VERY PROMINENT feature

So, which one first leh? First, item to get 2 votes will get priority to be published. Otherwise, it will depend on my mood- hahahha


YES, it is now 3.48Am.

I am a daddy who is just awaken by his daughter for her milk, so I am entitled and going to let my HYDE side out.

PEOPLE, REMEMBER I BLOG FOR MY OWN PLEASURE. If you don't think my blog is interesting, STOP Coming.

Because I don't want to bore the hell out of you & there is like 70 million blogs out there, i am sure you can find better ones.

If you choose to stay, you are more than welcome. But please dont keep reading my blog, and then tell me how So-so my blog is. It's like if you don't like durian Stop eating it!

Don't KEEP eating it, and then complain how much you Hate it! Make your life simple.Go for fruits that you like-watermelon, ciku, nangka, apple , strawberry and what else ?

I also don't care if you think I am a show off & that my lifestyle is nauseating- Hello! THIS IS MY LIFE?

Where were you when I work my arse of 16-20 Hours a day, HECK I still do! Where were you when I have to share I BLARDY nasi lemak bungkus with my mum for lunch when I started out? So, i think i deserve some slack. Guess what, from now on I am not even going to subdue or MODEST about it !

The Moral of the story : I don't blog for YOU. I blog for MYSELF. Occasionally to entertain good friends.

Another thing, as much as I admire people with great writing flair and skills , i DON'T NEED another English Teacher, (Shirlyn is GREAT!) no matter How POWDERFUL IS YOUR ENGLAND!

*arhem * If you are still reading THIS , I consider you my TRUE FRIEND 🙂 Now will you please go and Vote for my blog? ahaha

*My HYDE -Back in the cage*

So, how was the weather?

Please have a lovely weekend and let's catch up soon k?

Leaving you with my sweetest SMILE 🙂 !

Best regards,
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8 thoughts on “What do you want to Read?”

  1. hehehe.
    little did i know that you have a lot things to write. Maybe all at once? cant be too greedy am i?

  2. Frostier: how can? if i post all at once, then the whole of may no need to update liow loh? ahhahaha

    Swee: Come back lah, you get LOTS of your Nieces! They are publicity shy ler:)

  3. LOL… in the end ask ppl to vote u pula. Well… blog is a personal thing, u just write whatever u like, just like myself, I blog for my own pleasure, I dun care about my traffic at all.

  4. This one!

    5) Happening places in Langkawi – ( I want to be a self-proclaimed Langkawi after I got this SPECIAL DREAM)

  5. Tailoh Wingz,

    For you-coming up soon. But that one lost post. give me 1/2 days to plan ah.


    Wahhh little girl, so GREEDY…hahhaha but i like!

  6. dear kidchan,

    start with this 1st…

    4) Images of my recent langkawi wedding – (NICE-heheh)

    and..slowly blog from no.1 till the very last one~~ day by day!!

    ps: me and my siblings from all over the world wil go home soon this summer, i shall visit your studio with my family~~

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