Gangnam Style Wedding and reception in Ritz-Carlton of Dr Ricky and Soo Ling

Seeing Dr. Ricky and Soo Ling get married is like seeing one of my own family friends get married. It felt really personal, because after meeting Ricky & Soo ling sometime late last year, we became friends. In fact Ricky became the family Chiropractor and even when i needed some adjustment on my spin, he is the man. As i always fixed to be the last person before lunch for him to see, we had shared a few Subway together:) We also found out that his dad is also a friend of my mum-in-law. Small world eh?

Getting dress

So the wedding coverage started with Senior Photographer Jason covering the bride side of Wedding reception at the Klang Centro a day before and on the actual day in Klang Senior Photographer BK, Wai and Myself was assign. The lovely couple indeed has one of the largest and most happening wedding party from around the world we ever seen, and the bridal party can really bring the roof down with the exciting activities. The grooms and his entourage also break into Gangnam style moves occasionally.


Groomsmen from overseas

The groom with his big group of groomsmen

Gangnam style dance

peeping through the window

The best  part of the wedding  where everyone enjoys the most must be the  game session! The game session are all set by the bridesmaids which are really creative and challenging at the same time for the groom and groomsmen.They played a couple creative games like the mahjong game, the groomsmen have to follow the ladies' instructions to pick out the wanted mahjong pieces by using their bare legs. Another two that I think are creative yet challenging which is the “human sushi roll” and puzzle the Chinese “hei” word (means happiness) with their own bodies lying on the floor. By just looking at the pictures, I could feel they are really having fun with the games with hilarious moments. Even everyone had a good laugh during the game session by seeing them being “tortured” by the pretty ladies.

The groomsmen playing games

The Mahjong game

Groom as the sushi chef

the KissSister's love.

Sending off the couple

Chinese ceremony

Happy Family


The creative bridesmaids

top view

The couple later had a intimate wedding reception at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in KL (Yes, where i also shot the British Next Top Model🙂 ) .

Guest arrival

The loving couple


Most of the guests dressed to the nines. I tried hard to hear most of the speeches at weddings, but their by their friends and themself really have me cracking till with tears.

The speech from the groomsmen


The Fun side of the couple!

The awesome DJs!

After the wedding we did some ‘Pre-wedding shots' for the couple before the join back the fabulous after party! And here is two of our favourites!

Wedding Venue: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

More images from the wedding  of the amazingRicky  & Soo Ling & their happening friends in Klang and Ritz-Carlton on Facebook.

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