Actual Day Wedding Photography of Mabel and Donny at One World Hotel

~ Guest post by Shirlyn.

Wedding is a very important event in one's life, it's really not surprising to see our bridal couple experiencing cold feet before their big day. I remember I had butterflies in my stomach on my big day too. Yes, still quite vivid in the memory even though it's been 10 years!   Mabel & Donny are a very friendly & soft-spoken couple. A few weeks before their  big day, they met up with our senior photographer, BK, and requested him to make sure he help them with their ‘smiles'.   Heheh… Not known to many, 9.5 out of 10 couples would say the SAME thing…..

Despite all those anxiety, everything turns out well… I might even say ‘Perfect'! The pictures were beautiful & reflected the families' love for this stunning couple. I personally am especially touched looking at the father-of-the-bride's pictures. I almost could feel him ‘missing' his little princess already… I have 2 princesses myself!

Hope you'd enjoy the pictures.


Donny & Mabel's invitation cards

Mabel walk in style with this beautiful shoes.

Mother of the bride in prayers.

Mommy & Daddy's little princess

Getting blessings and showered with love.

Waiting patiently for her prince charming.

The groom's entourage.

Groom and groomsmen had their challenging games at the bride's residence.

Finally the groom sees his beautiful bride.

The happy couple, Donny & Mabel.

sending off their little princess.

Officially married as a couple!

Wedding reception at One World Hotel.

Toasting to the couple.

Wedding reception at One World Hotel.

More images of Donny & Mabel's wedding on FACEBOOK.

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