Walking Alone?

Dear All,

Greetings! Before I talk about what I am going to talk about today, I feel kind of depress today. Why, you asked? Well sometimes I feel that I am kind of pressure about this whole blogging business.

For the past two years, as I develope what i think to be my own personal style in photography, I feel that I have found a new kind of freedom in pursuing my work without much pressure of commercialism. Hardly or I should say no one (at leat in the last 2 years) attempts to dictate on how I should or need to take my photographs. Almost all the time, I am given a Free hand.

But this blogging business, I am still very WARY of how I need to or should blog? After all, I am still very much a newbie. I really admire among others kenny , minishorts , xiaxue , yvonne, san (whose justheavenly was recently featured in Malay Mail) & suanie who can simply talk without reservation and SIMPLY TALK so well!!!!

To make it even worst, sometimes I really feel like what's the point as well? I feel that I am doing this all alone (hey dummy, isn't that what blogging is about?), because almost no one ever leave me a message! This is even when i wrote a super long post! It just doesn't make sense, considering my awstats tells me that PEOPLE do visit my blog! Strange!

Maybe, some of you dont realized you actually can? Just have to click on the Posted by kidchan link?

Well, if you think that I am just fishing for a comment……..hmmmm Perhaps, I am!

Btw, I will be in Malacca on the 18 of June for an assingment. Enquiries or *Breakfast TREAT* is welcome on the 19 June Morning. I will be putting up at the Renaissance Malacca or Melaka Renaissance and as usual can be reached at +6(012) 215 9933.


Kid Chan, WPJA
“100 People You Must Know in Asia”-Malaysia Tatler
“the most sought-after wedding photographer in Malaysia” -NST
“Picture Perfect”-The Edge Daily
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9 thoughts on “Walking Alone?”

  1. I’ve been back here for 3 years now and have been dying to go to Malacca.. have been waiting for my parents-in-law to come visit so can take them there, but they are too busy with doing portraits and mentoring programmes, that they are neglacting my need to go to Malacca!! .. so near but yet so far…
    When you coming down to Lumut or City-A1, you can get a big seafood feast on me when you are here! :p

  2. Hi Kid,

    you know, the first time I visited yr blog, and wanted to comment, I was searching around here and there for the link to click on for comments. I think you should put a clear POST A COMMENT just beneath yr paragraph, make it easier for ppl to comment. Some (like me initially!) did not know that one must click on the ” Posted by Kidchan ” link in order to leave a msg. Just my two cents worth! 😉

  3. Hello Kid,

    I mailed you. Don’t know if you got it or went to the junk box.

    Do let me know.


  4. Hi Kid,
    I do agree with Sharon P. I wouldn’t have thought to click here to post a message if you didn’t mention it.
    Anyway, I think your blog is interesting. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  5. I think if you added the words ‘post comments here’ in the last line just before or after ‘psoted by kidchan’ it would become more obvious. I didnt know about it until you mentioned it.

  6. Hey chiwi!

    How have you been? are you based here or NZ?

    Sharon,Lian & Ch,

    Thank you for your comment. Actually i always wanted to add that, but my web designer does not allow. Until he saw all your feedback. Thanks so much!


    Sorry. Dont think i got your mail? you can send it to kid@kidchan.com 🙂

  7. Hello Kid! I am sure a lot of people do visit your blog. After all, successful photographers aren’t everywhere.

    But one teeny weeny suggestion. Perhaps you need to start communicating to your blog readers by writing what interests them, instead of just keeping us updated of your whereabouts.

    Notice how Kenny Sia write as though he’s talking out of the screen? hehe…

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