The World Best Job! 100K, 6month: Duties swimming & Blogging!

Dear All,

Ok. Most people are returning to work. And a lot are actually looking
for work, as they already have their bonus paid?

Well check this out! The WORLD BEST JOB. Tourism Queensland is paying
$100,000 for six month “work”. Your duties include: Swimming,
fishing,snorkeling, blogging and fetching mail.

So what are you waiting for? More info at :

If you get the job, you can either bring a relative and friend . *WINK*WINK*

Oh, if you would like to consider the world second best job, KIDCHANSTUDIO
is Hiring!
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4 thoughts on “The World Best Job! 100K, 6month: Duties swimming & Blogging!”

  1. Hi Syazsy,

    Ah…you are settling for the world second best job i see:) We are hiring graphic designers and photographers.

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