RE: Beware of Imposter/Fraudster

Dear Brides/Grooms & Friends of Kid Chan Studio,

RE: Beware of Imposter/Fraudster

Greetings! I have recently came to knowledge that certain photographers/ videographers that try to market themselves by passing of as past or present staffs of Kid Chan Studio.

This came to our knowledge, when a few of our potential brides were approach by this group of photographers. Upon initial contact there was no suspicion.
However, the cat is out of the back when they found that the actual work of these photographers is NOT ACCEPTABLE by professional standards.
Being firm followers of the studio, they have decided to check the claims.

While this group have no previous record of employment/contract, these claims are not only ridiculous- they are outright dishonest.

However, there may be some bona fide cases where some of our photographers that has leave us for a career on their own. So it is PRUDENT to check with Kid Chan Studio (Tel: 012 215 9933) if such claims are true, to avoid being SCAM.

Thank you

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  1. I would like to find out if that’s true that David Chua was your past employee before you made your name? This is what he told me..?? Pls clarify. TQ.

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