7 thoughts on “FOLIO”

  1. Hey!

    Just dropping by to say that I adore your works! I like to take photographs as well, but I have no training in photography or what so ever.. 🙂 But looking at a great shot makes my day! Thanks..

    Keep it up!

    Xin Bei..

  2. Hey Xin Bei, Thank for you visting and kind words. I really appreciate your comments. Catch you around k? Thanks Kid

  3. hey there..this is my first time viewing your page and also your awesome photographs..
    Honestly, it really amaze me on how well you can capture all the pictures so well..
    i have a very special interest in photography but i dont have any basics in it..
    You will always have my support..keep up the good job in photographing awesome shots.. 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Came across your site and i totally love your work!

    Do you do wedding photography in Singapore too?
    I’d love a quotation if you could drop me one.

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