OVERHEARD trailer & a simple movie review of it

OVERHEARD trailer & a simple review of it

Just watch Overheard with wifey at the New GSC Cinema in Tropicana City. Starring one of my favorite Hong Kong Actor Lau Ching Wan with Daniel Woo and Louis Koo, Overheard which open today in Malaysian Cinema is a MUST WATCH for all Hong Kong Movie buff.

One of the most anticipated Hong Kong film of the year, the film is directed by Alan Mak & Felix Chong of Infernal Affairs fame. The duo manage kept the audience glued to their seat on an unusual theme- commercial crimes.

The cinematography was excellent with so many brilliant well composed shots that i kept telling wifey that i hope the screenplay will hold. Well it did!

Here is the trailer of Overheard i found from youtube:

Conclusion: Watch it but don't expect your usual over the top big budget sequence.

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