Nuffnang Pajama Party

Dear All,

Last Saturday I was at the Borneo Baruk Club for the Nuffnang Pajama Party as KIDCHANSTUDIO was the official photographer. So, I WAS THERE FOR WORK.

Ming (Co Founder of NuffNang) , Myself and Fred

I was there with my man, web Developer extraordinaire – Frederick Lim of 2mediastudio . It is always good to have FRED around because no one really dare to mess with you (Check out his headhunter tatoo on both side). Hailing from Sarawak, Borneo Baruk Club was made for FRED.

After saying a few hello, the hard work begins (See Following picture)

thaiboxingirl, kid and SUANNNNNNIE

WORK of course was a lot of beers,ever more Camwhoring, meeting old friends, meeting new friends & more camwhoring….

ThaiBoxinGirl, me, Kid, eyeris, fireangel, Wingz and Samantha

More pictures

Sarah & Me

More picture with Singapore Hottest bloggers

Ms. Dawn Yang, Me , Ms. Xiaxue

While i was busy WORKING, I was suddenly asked on stage by none other than dear friend Kennysia

After a few beers, it hard to remember what he asked me to do. I think it was either imitating or teaching the malaysian dreamgirls to strike a post.

the only think i remember was he saying i seem to have more ASS. i still haven't worked out it that was a compliment??

Getting hi-5ed for my effort

Kenny looking absolutely tooooo sexy even next to the dreamgirls

more picture with the Kuching Klan

mrs. Sisuahlai , Alwyn tay , Fred, Me at Sisuahlai

The boys from recent Youth 08 was also there

Khai Lee, me & Mr. The Firm Joel

To cut the whole story short, everyone was obviously having fun….

just like this picture

Kudos to the nuffnang team who ensured that the pajama party was a fun and beer filled night.

Especially,Pinkpau – the organizer who done exceedingly well

ms. pau begging to be bought?

The two tycoons that owns nuffnang.

Timothy & Ming loving their underwear

If you are interested to have some of this official images, please click here
For facebook friendly one's you can
view it here:

Official Pajama Party Photo Part I

Official Pajama Party Photo Part II
Official Pajama Party Photo Part III
Official Pajama Party Photo Part IV

Oh Yah Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

Splitting image ain't it?

Best regards,
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  1. wah today is my ultimate blur day! i used wrong account to comment!

    your WORK so the shiok! wana hire anot? i represent u go drink..camwhore..drink..camwhore. can? =P I’m very good at that wan!!

  2. Hi Kid! I really really like your photo’s. It’s so beautiful and creative! really @@. and the prescription glasses is really cool too, suits you well! who cares about what other people says. as long as it satisfies yourself~! =)

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