My First Time…In Zouk…..

Dear All,

OK. So, you are really interested in my first time(Sorry, if you think this is going to be some juicy insights of my life, hehehe:) ).

You see, I have NEVER been to the Zouk, and I will be this Thursday evening.
What??? YES, NEVER. I only been to Velvet once for it's launch or a watch function. One of those.

You see, as you get older, going to a club is really phsically demanding. Gone were the days when I use to go clubbing minimum 3 times a week in Perth.

So, why am I going to Zouk, KL?

The Students Of Free Enterprise (SIFE) of Nottingham University in Malaysia has organized a charity fashion show entitled PULSE on the 22nd of March 2007, at 7.30 pm.

The event will also see three dresses sponsored by BlackJettas Design auction off in support of my dear gutsy writer friend – Yvonne Foong in her battle against NF .

So if you like clubbing or really need a good VALID reason to go, why not do it for charity?

Pre-sale tickets are priced at RM 25 and at the door tickets are RM 30.

See you there!

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P.S: Please come and say hi if you see me there k?

6 thoughts on “My First Time…In Zouk…..”

  1. I never been to Zuok before too, how shame. Too bad I’m heading down to Johor on Thursday. You have a nice outing there yah!

  2. As shame as i can be… i only been to zouk once for the glamour party in the VIP room…. and…. thats about it la.. the scene was cool.. but… thats about it…

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