Ms. Fione Tan – World’s Top Internet Marketing Coach

Dear All,

This is one of the WOW! Post. I just found out that we been entrusted by Miss Fione Tan -one of the World's Top Internet Marketing Coach to photograph her wedding to Mr. Harrace Lau! I did not know KIDCHANSTUDIO was commision until, Ms. Fione left a comment on my blog 🙂

I take this opportunity to wish both of them the very best for the coming years!

“100 People YOu Must Know In Asia”-Asia Regional Tatler

P.S: Fione, if you read this please please teach me some of your SEO techniques:)

3 thoughts on “Ms. Fione Tan – World’s Top Internet Marketing Coach”

  1. woo.. hot sizzling business… and.. eventhough i dont think am gonna get married in a decade’s time, i will buy the mag you blogged about!!

  2. Hi Kid,

    Thanks for the announcement! The reason we engaged your service is because we believe you are already one of the most well known brands in the region.

    However, you’ve surprised us, as i didn’t expect you to be so Internet savvy, where you were even personally doing up your business blog (even before i started any of my blogs, haha)

    You’d definitely have to join one of our internet marketing seminars or blog marketing seminars in Malaysia, and of course, yours will be complimentary seats.

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  3. shireen: you never know:)

    Fione: thank you for the compliement. is my pleasure to share to see so much joy between you and Harrace!

    thank you for your precious tips!

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