How to take better pictures for you facebook and twitter profile?

Dear All,

I got a lovely surprise call from @hitzdotfm ‘s @jfkjohan,Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Radio DJ & TV Personality. MBA Graduate. Professional Pilot. He asked me how to take better pictures with phone’s camera for our facebook and twitter profile. Here are some of my suggestions:

1)First, consider who might see it and what you want them to see .
Do you want your potential/current employer in the best and professional look? If not, what about that really cute guy/girl who you have a crush on? What do you want them to see?

2) Consider good light.
Photography is painting with lights. Do go to a well lighted area.

3) Amplify good features. Hide the slightly not so good
If you are not sure which is your good side, ask someone objective & accept it:) good luck to the boyfriends and hubby.

4) Consider proper cropping.
Check out Rule of Thirds . Also remember, that most of the profile pitures are in square. Decide what you want to highlight.

Lastly if you are not the reading type, i found this extremely funny ad by Samsung that give VERY, VERY, VERY good tips for taking better profile pictures. Must watch! i learned so much!

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