What is Happiness ???

What is Happiness ???

Dear all,

When I saw this garden of lollies at Shangri-la Hotel, I thought life was much simpler when we are younger.

Happiness ………
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Have a bad day? Have a lolly!

Missing someone? Have a lolly!

Anything wrong? Have a lolly!

It seems all the problems in the world can be save by the mighty lolly???

How we wish is true.

I also remember an old Chinese pop song lyrics by the Xiao Fu Dui (litre tiger/cubs bands) that goes:

When the marbles are getting lesser and lesser, the worries gets more and more.

let us reflect on this beautiful Sunday, in how simple life use to and can be.

Have a happy and blessed Sunday!

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P.s: What happiness is or was to you?

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