Great Start & what is a New Year without resolution?

Hello All,

Trust you have a good start to 2006! I definitely did. I was commission to do the family portraits of our dear Minister of Finance II YB Tan Sri Dato' Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, on the first day of the New Year:) Tan sri also allowed me to be photographed together with him:)

Ok, so what is a new year without resolution right? Well as for myself in 2006, I want to strive to:

1) More regular updates for Diary of a Wedding Photographer In Malaysia (keeping my finger crossed)

2) Do a/some meaningful Pro Bono project for a new NGO/Charity (last year was PRIDE & Chung Hua School)

3) Take better pictures (it's getting harder to impress Wife-Y, myself and I suspect very soon HRH Princess Faith!)

4) Keep and fulfill all the above resolution:)

Ok. Got to go. Long day ahead tomorrow, trying to finish everything that can't be possibly finished by tomorrow before leaving for Datai Langkawi for the wedding:)

Catch you guys!

Best regards,
Kid Chan, WPJA
” the most sought-after wedding photographer in Malaysia” -NST

P.S:Have you visited @ Bangsaria?

2 thoughts on “Great Start & what is a New Year without resolution?”

  1. Good grief! I never realise this comment box is hidden in the permalink! You better do something about it to increase readership ler.

    And happy new year! But isn’t your pro bono contribution to my cause a worthy mention? aiyo…. but nevermindlah. I like to think that you take me more as a friend than “charity”.

    So you’re gonna attend my grand book launch yah? attend as a VIP friend!

  2. I like the natural lighting. Natural window light? BTW do you mind sharing information on your photo equipment, lighting, dSLR and lens.

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