Official Documenter of Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 6

Britain's Next Top Model Cycle 6

I was contacted from London when i was in Melbourne in March, to be the official “documenter” for the series in KL. I spend quite a good week shooting the girls & working along a of fun & world class crew. Among those i got to photographed include supermodel Elle Macpherson and over very own Dato' jimmy Choo:) Then i spent the… following 5 months keeping my mouth shut, until the program is on air. The images will be published in major British lifestyle publications. I also got to appear in the show. Check out frame 3:54 from episode 11. So the following is just a preview of the series. Images will be coming soon 🙂

Btw, this is off the records: the girls are HOT!HOT!HOT!

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7 thoughts on “Official Documenter of Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 6”

  1. Congrats. Very impressive. Are you the first to ever photograph the models (on any Next Top Model) at night?

    However, I wanted to hide my face and cry when our Minister of Tourism called Elle, ELLIE.

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