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Update: Thank you all for your support. Voting has ended.

Dear All,

A Diary of a Wedding Photographer In Malaysia (YES, this one!) has been nominated in the Best Photography Blog category for the BLOGGER's Choice Awards!
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And I will be counting down with a daily TOP 10 Reasons to Vote for KIDCHAN's Blog!

Reason #10 to vote for KIDCHAN's Blog:
It's is a Sunday, you have nothing better to do and you are feeling charitable 🙂 !

Enough of Vote Pimping, a Special BIG THANK YOU to my TECHGURU the very cutiepie for tweaking and giving my blog a new look (oh no-i gave away REASON #9!, hehe)


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10 thoughts on “Blogger’s Choice Awards – Best Photography Blog”

  1. pwahh. you gila gila link up for people to vote for you. lol. i shall berlink you as well so that my friends will vote lah.

  2. *honoured*
    i just changed a few things..dun nid thanks wann! =P er thanks for thanking me..i will say thanks more often!! hhehe =P

  3. Mission accomplished. Belanja kopi. Last I look it is a lot of votes already. While you are there, vote me for the Most Obnoxious Blogger. Lose out to Perez Hilton only, dun pway-pway.

  4. Lisan: thanks…still waiting hahahh

    wings: tor cheh!

    ckyeo: if i win, big satay party okie?

    HUEI: don’t mention. thanks fer all your help

    5xmom: I vo-ted you …long before you vote me ( sung to Savage garden’s tune)

    Kim: thanks…i would have voted for you, even if you did not voted for me. Nice MOVES!

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