Best Mee soto i ever had! Amirah & Nur Aniqah (Singapore)

Best Mee soto i ever had! Amirah & Nur Aniqah

Dear All,

I recently had the best ever mee soto in my life! For Malaysian, you must be quite surprise that the best mee soto i ever had is found in Singapore!!! The mee soto i had was was from Amirah and Nur Aniqah Mee Soto and Mee Rebus in Adam Road Food Centre

I went to the stall base on a recommendation of a Singapore taxi driver. He told me that the food was so good, that certain “Agung” from Malaysia would always order the food to be taken away.Being a Malaysia i was not easily convinced, as Singaporean hawker food to us is some how too clean to be tasty. Anyway since the food centre was
on the way to Copthorne Orchid Hotel On Dunearn Road when i board the Odyssey Coach, I gave it a shot.

When i got to the stall, there was a very loooooongg queue. From their dressing I can tell that the queue compromised of Singaporeans from all walks of life and all three major races. A very good sign.

I order a take away as i was ready to board the bus back from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, and quiclkly went on my way.

As i open the take away packet on the coach, the smell of the mee soto was soooooo fragrant that i dig in immediately (hence no picture, sorry!), raising quite a few envious look from a few fellow passenger. They even asked how come I got preferred treatment.

To cut the whole story short, It was really the best mee soto i ever had! They must have some sort of secret mee soto recipe.You must try it to believe it!

I cant wait to try their rebus next!

Open Challenge: Hey if you are a serve mee soto at your restaurant or stall and or think your mum/wife/hubby can do better, do drop me an invitation at . I am happy to highlight your mee soto!

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P.s: Sorry i did not take a decent picture of the mee soto. I really didnt think too much of it initially:(

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  1. wah mee soto, does that mean mee sotong rite? Hehe… i never tried it before, gotta hunt for it if i have the chance

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