Behind the Scene on a National Live TV Show!

Dear All,

Just uploaded my recent interview on NTV7's The Breakfast Show. Amongst other think, we spoke about the upcoming Rm99.99 Valentine Portrait Day and also bad photography masquerading as art.

Although i been a guest quite a few times, this is the first time the live recording is done in the Sri Pentas Studio instead of the Glenmarie one. So much nearer i reckon, so thumbs up!

Now a quick look at what happens, before a guest goes on a live show.

First they start by making you up, male or female. Beautiful or not. So obviously being not so beautiful, i needed all the help i can get.

Then they strapped you with a wireless mic.

Then you wait. For your turn. Seems like a long time when you are nervous hahahah.

This is also first time i done a recording in front of a green screen! Previously The Breakast show use to have a real set. So i feel rather ????l. I am sure you see one of those in the Hollywood behind the scene documentary.

Anchor Naz on a green screen

And this is the scene from the control room

And this is what is look like live!

A group picture with the Anchors Naz and Joanne after the interview.

So there you go, a quick look at the behind the scene of a live show. Stay tune for more virtual town as we visit Phat Fabes of 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Behind the Scene on a National Live TV Show!”

  1. Hey, Kidchan

    I’m Edmund, the filmmaker you met that day. Did you record the interview yourself? I’ve been trying to get a copy of my own interview, cannot find it, aargh!

  2. Hey Caffery,

    Cool! Thanks for dropping by.


    Hello! You can actually buy one from NAMA. is a News monitoring agency.

    you need the contact?


  3. Hello KidChan. Oh my. Now I think I know who are you. If I am not mistaken, I did meet you during in Nuffnang gatherings?

    Haha.. You are a real active person and I like your photography skills. Keep it up! ;D

    Happy Chinese New Year..

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