Ask Kid Chan – How often do you shoot film?

Hi Kid Chan.

I have a question that hopefully can be included in your FAQ section of your blog.

I just recently found out that you shoot with films (mostly, I reckon). I've always thought that your images have this sort of artistic quality by looking at the grain and the color blend, but just didn't get that it was film works. I have to admit, I had a little more respect than I already had on you after I found out about it. 😀

My question is, apart from the experience factor, how often do you get clients who want you to shoot in film rather than digital? And how do you “gamble” most of the time on films, by that I mean, how many rolls on a occasion do you usually shoot, and how many successful images can you get from it? Does the technique you apply while shooting in SLR is the same with the technique with DSLR?

I hope my question is not too much to ask for an answer. I'd truly appreciate it in advance. My best regards.


Dear Shaliza,

Thank you for your query.

I still shoot 9/10 weddings in Film. However, I suspect the ratio will lower down as I do more and more international weddings. For the year of 2006, I expect to travel to Brunei, Indonesia, UK , Australia & others.

Even though I prefer to work in film, I personally could not guarantee how “FILM SAFE” security scanners really are! At such, I would back up multiple copies in Hard Drive ,CD Rom and etc.

With film, with are VERY consistent. As a guideline, my team and I expect to deliver 34 out of 36 images. The rolls of film would over depend on a client. For a PAID 4 hour event, the least I have shot is 24 images and the most being 864 with a colleague.

The fundamentals of shooting in both medium remains the same. However, digital do encourage a certain DEGREE of experiment. This also means, we normally come back with More what aptly called “RUBBISH” L

Thank you once again & all the best with your photographic journey!

Yours sincerely,

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