Are you a KEYWORD?

Dear All,

In a random egosurfing trip for my name KIDCHAN, I have a VERY Surprise result apart from the 7 top ranks linking back to me.

If you don't already know the wikipedia defines “Egosufing: also called egogoogling, autogoogling or self-googling, is the practice of searching for one's own given name, surname, full name, pseudonym, or screen name on a popular search engine, to see what results appear. It has become increasingly popular with the rise of popular search engines such as Google, as well as free blogging and web-hosting services. It is sometimes combined with third-party tools such as GoogleFight when several people egosurf together.

Similarly, an egosurfer is one who surfs the Internet for his own name, to see what, if any, articles appear about himself.”

Please scroll down to see the result print screen, if you are curios….

A bit more…..

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That's right! Someone bought my name as a KEYWORD!!!:)

I hope this will make my mum proud 🙂

“100 People You Must Know in Asia”-Malaysia Tatler
“the most sought-after wedding photographer in Malaysia” -NST
“Picture Perfect”-The Edge Daily
“Kid Chan- Celebrity Photographer” – Le Prestige
“Perintis bidang photojournalism Melayu”-Pesona Pengantin

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