Adira Chan Jia Qi’s Fullmoon

Dear Adira,

It has been a month since you brought so much joy and laughter into Daddy, Ah Mah, Kar-Cheh (Elder Sister),Yeh Yeah (daddy's Daddy) , Mar Mah (daddy's mummy),Goong goong (mummy's daddy) , Por Poh (mummy's mummy), Uncle and Aunties Life.

Adira Chan Jia Qi, you are such a beautiful girl and you look so much like kar-cheh when you were born. Daddy and Ah Ma named you Adira to wish you are strong. We also hope that you will have blessings in Abundance, just like your name Jia (surpluss) throught Prayer (Qi). together with Kar Cheh, we hope that the both of you will be strong in faith, and your faith will be strong in the Lor.

You were born on the 24th of February 2007, weighing 2.78kg and 48cm in lenght. Daddy is so sorry, that daddy is not around to celebrate your FULL Moon because of Daddy's work commitment. Daddy know that you are too young to understand a 3 syllable word, and can only PRAY that Daddy can make it up to you by providing to your needs 🙂

But Daddy just want you to know, Daddy love you very much and you are indeed a great BUNDLE OF JOY!


P.S: Daddy promise that, daddy will try to spend more time with you and Ah Ma & Kar-Cheh!

12 thoughts on “Adira Chan Jia Qi’s Fullmoon”

  1. ADIRA…

    Happy full moon and make sure daddy pay twice the price for not being around !!!!

    bring yellow wooden ruler here.. let jie jie shireen beat beat daddy hand for being so busy.

  2. awww so adorableee!!
    she’s so lucky to have u as a daddy, there’ll be plenty of her photos when she grow up!
    so sweet!!!

  3. What a gorgeous little girl who’ll grow up to be as lovely as her Ka-Cheh, Faith!

    Do post more of your 2 little princesses 🙂

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