What is personal branding?

What is a personal brand?

Sometimes people think it's very slimy. Some people think it's manipulative. Some people think it's, putting up a show or try to dress well or this and that. I know how you guys feel.

And I actually felt exactly the same because I'm an artist I taught as long as my work it's good. Then everything should be okay. To me, what personal brand today is actually a promise to the world. It's a promise to the world. And if we don't take care of our brand the market is determining for you.

So your work being good is actually given but a personal brand will actually enhance the value and the promise, and people actually buy into that promise. When you create a strong personal brand, it is also a promise to deliver. So people would come to us, expecting us to deliver knowing our values, and knowing our capabilities.

At the end of it just being good in your craft that is given, what is your differentiating factor and what is your promise to the market?