WAH….you still not BORED of shooting weddings meh?

WAH….you still not BORED of shooting weddings meh? It's ironic, yesterday in the midst of one of the most touching and beautiful wedding that i have covered, a photographer (not on my team, she was there to cover instant print) asked. That got me thinking. Is it abnormal to be so fired up about my craft and passion after only 13 years?

As i am writing this, i just turned 36 today. What a journey and what a ride:) Just so so much to be grateful for. Most of all for God my creator who loves me so much and given me so many great gifts including my lovely wife, children, family, friends like yourself and the talent and passion that he has blessed me to bless others. To create precious moments, preserved them for others so that they are able to share and relive that cherished memories over and over again. I can't put a price to that *WINK*

Also at the wedding yesterday, i am reminded (and will never take it for granted) of what a great privilege that i have to be able to witness such an amazing event, and even more so the friendship and support of the awesome couple's family all these years.

Thank you all and you know who you are! And also as i was looking through a recent video recording of our wedding couple Sheryl & Nizam's feedback on their experience working with TEAMKIDCHAN, i can now validate and justify why i am still so fired up after 13 years of photographing professionally!

Thank you all! Thank you for your support all these years!

Btw, do check out the the world's cutest birthday video k (YES, I am BIASED…cause she is my daughter 😉 )

and HAPPY birthday to ME!