Things to do in Bali.

Things to do in Bali.

Dear all,

I am just making mental notes of my trip here the last few days. So do pardon me if it does not make head or tail to you.

Night one.
Checked into one bedroom apartment Seminyak called Sunset Terrace. Not the swankiest, but will meet my mere mortals requirement. One floor of living room, kitchen and pantry & another floor of bedroom. bathroom was spacious and balcony was overlooking over a farm. The Tv has an amazing 60 channels to choose from including my favorite Travel & Living, CNN & Asia Food Channel. At USD60++, you really cant complain. Especially if you are traveling within the means of MERE mortals.

After the check in we met the bridal party from for a great dinner at the Hu'u bar In Seminyak. To those of you who never been to this high end establishment, this is the birth place of the famous LYCHEE MARTINI. The band was absolutely fantastic.

Day Two.
Voon and I had a walk about in the rather rugged Seminyak town. We of course have lunch is the world reknowned Warung Made (some Mat Salleh call it cafe Made). The Fusion Indonesian + French (correct me if I am wrong) serves exceptional Nasi Campur. Although personally i think Warung Made in kuta is much better.

In the evening we made our way to the lovely Villa Ombak in Changgu for the garden wedding. Set in what i thought to be n unimaginable Orange and Purple theme, the colour came out superbly. One of the most touching wedding i have seen. had the pleasure or working with some local wedding vendors from Bali. The were very professional.

Day 3.
Work up feeling slightly blue. Today is Faith's first concert performance. And i am not there to see it. But felt better after rationalizing that daddy is working to give her the best in life. Am sure mommy dearest have tape it for daddy:)

We then proceeded to have a post-wedding portraiture for Malaysian couple Donna & Suffian. Started in the The Legian and then made hour way to the padi terrace of Ubud. We then had some pitch dark night shots at the Jimbaran stretch of beach restaurant. I manage to get my water proved Cole Haans wet, when the wave went above my ankle. For the love of art!

It actually drizzle the hole day, but am happy that wew still manage to get some very good shots.Professional mah, rain on shine must deliver:)

We then made hour way to the italian restaurant Ultimo in Seminyak. Food quality and ambience was exceptional. VERY value for money. We actually had two tuna steak, 2 seafood pasta, pizza + drinks and the bill came out to slightly RM100++ only.

Was invited to Ku De Ta (high end party central of Bali), but was actually too tired to go out.

Day 4.
Voon and I decided to go for a well deserved massage at the famous Jari Menari. but we ended up at Cool spa & salon. Rph 250,000 for two hours inclusive of scrub is a pretty decent deal. But still prefer my Chinese from China Male Masseur at Empress Ma in Section 17, where the styly of massage is HURT SO GOOD.

Ok. I am not logging off from Grocer and Grind to collect my bags for the airport. Oh Yah, many cafes in Seminyak actually have wi-fi. Just have to pick the right one. Yesterday we were at Cafe Bali and guess what, after ordering they told us the line was down!!! OK no more complaining.

See you guys soon!

Regards from Bali,

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