Teuscher is finally in Malaysia!

Dear All,

Teuscher (pronouce as toy-sher) is finally in Malaysia!

I have waited long enough for this. Every City that is significant or important has Teuscher – Dubai, Singapore, New York, Chicago, Zurich, Geneve, Honolulu, Las vegas and many more. So i guess, Kuala Lumpur has arrived:)

After I made a public confession that i can't stop stuffing myself with the Swiss chocolates, many asked the following:

1) Which is your favorite?

The signature champagne truffles of course

2) Which is your wife's favorite?
The Bailey's truffle. My second favorite too.

3) How many have you had?
Don't Ask.

4) Is it expensive?
Nope, worth absolutely every penny.

5) Where can i get some Teuscher in Malaysia?
Lot FK1, 1st Floor, (the NEW) Old Wing, Bangsar Shopping Centre. On top of Cold Storage

Trivia: Did you know all Teuscher is air flown to the store locations worldwide weekly?

Go go. Get some today.You will thank me for it.

Wait don't thank me for it, show some appreciation and get me some too!

Best regards,
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