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Hi I am Syed Ismail & I am Sharifah Sofea and we just pick up our album which we amazingly,amazingly,amazingly love love love love love. & There is no regrets, I love them so much. I am so happy I got them in my hand, which I have been waiting for a long time…..Now we feel that we are married. It is so beautiful, it got my eyes watering.., and I said that won’t happen, cause Syed has warned me…It’s so beautifullll…I love them so much. Thanks Kid for the effort. Kid is the best…Kid is the best!

Matthew Nathan & Shaleen Cheah
“We found Kid Chan's studio to be more than just photography services,rather a creative solution which have given us beautiful and cherished memoirs of our wedding. We absolutely love the pictures and even more so the overall final presentation which certainly adds value to the overall photography.

A mixture of talent and technology blended perfectly”

YM Tunku Myra & James Iskandar Jaafar Greaves
Thank you for the wonderful pictures.
They really capture the moment.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone


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Omi Pears & Nigel Whitehouse
We have just got back home to England and seen the photos on your web page. They really look fantastic! We were going to write to you anyway to thank you and tell you how very pleased we are with the job you did for us. All our friends and family have been amazed by how good and how unusual the photos are. More importantly, you have given us a beautiful record of the most wonderful, romantic occasion of our lives so far that we will keep and treasure forever. Thank you so much!

Raymond & May Won-Failla
We would like to sincerely thank Kid Chan Studio for their professional service and advice from start to finish. We liased with Kid Chan from Melbourne prior to arriving in Malaysia. They were so helpful and efficient, it made the whole process so much easier and stress free. Kid Chan was able to capture the true moment and emotion of every picture. Our day was made extra special thanks to the distinctive style and flavour Kid Chan brings to his photos. If you are looking for a professional photographer who can capture the true moment of your special event, then look no further, Kid Chan is the photographer for you. We say this without any reservations.

Richard Rodwell & Cheryl Liew
When planning a wedding – to do justice to all the work and effort involved in its planning – a reliable and professional photographer is a must to capture the day. Kid Chan, his team of photographers and his wife Shirlyn make a formidable team! For anyone getting married – your day just flies by – having the luxury of spending time afterwards, catching up on the bits you missed should be part of the experience.

Memories fade with age, but pictures last a lifetime… thank you Kid and to all at the studio.

Jeslina Hashim & Dion Rais Vercoe
Kid Chan Studio captured exactly what my special day was all about and more.

I guess that’s the magic of excellent photography! Love u Kid! Muah!

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“Kid has collaborated with me on several projects which have resulted in great editorial content thanks to his consummate professionalism.” September 27, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity
Sunitha Thayaparan, Deputy Editor of Harper's BAZAAR at ACP Magazines Pte Ltd

“Kid is a one in a million and I am not saying this because I am biased towards our business-cum-personal friend relationship. He has won numerous awards for his outstanding work that he has done. He also has a great character and sense of humour. His PR with both clients, acquaintances and personal friends is very heartwarming and down to earth. All the best in your career and may success be with you always.” October 11, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative
Shukor Zainal Abidin, Managing Director at SCRL Group & Principal at Quintessential Group

“Kid has a good personality and works well with clients. He's work speaks for itself and needs no further introduction in the wedding industry. His final output has always been creative, consistent and most importantly of high quality.” September 25, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity
Leticia Hsu , Owner, Events Wizard Sdn Bhd

“When my husband and I were looking for a professional photographer to document our wedding, Kid Chan Studio was first in my mind because of the his artistry and beautiful work. We were both very intrigued by his creativity and also his personable character despite his many accolades. We were very happy when we show the beautiful pictures taken by him on our wedding day. He had made our wedding even more beautiful and memorable. He wasn't just a service provider but also a friend who wants to make the most important day in our lives a memorable one.” September 25, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , High Integrity , Creative
Amelia Ching, Research Associate at Transearch Wendy Lau

“Kid photographed my wedding and tea ceremony at the Mandarin Oriental. His photos not only captured our wedding day but the emotions of the day so that it will live in mine and my wifes memory forever. I recommend Kid to anyone who wants to capture a special event.” October 15, 2008
Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , High Integrity
Dedric Lam, General Manager at DataCenter Dynamics
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Melbourne’s Bride Testimonials

September 25, 2008 11:33 PM
Through the lens of Kid.. by Justine Oh
(Reproduce in entirety with permission from the Bride)

Last week, we had so much fun playing host to one of malaysia’s top photographers- Kid Chan (www.kidchanstudio.com). It also marked a very important milestone in our lives- our pre-wedding photoshoot! :)

The idea of taking pre-wedding photos in Australia is rather peculiar, dressing up like a bride before your wedding day is almost unheard of in Melbourne! However, being asian in a western world, I was rather proud to have adopted my asian roots and went along with this ‘tradition’. I must say it was one of the best decisions we’ve made so far as a couple :) It was an utterly fun experience, even for chang! and yes we’re only young once!

We were blessed in many ways during the whole process of the shoot, firstly we had our shoot over 2 days (thanks to the generosity of Kid and his crew-Voon) so we spent the first day out at the beautiful Yarra Valley and Tulip Farm in Silvan. Although we got kicked out from a winery, and barelyescaped the attack of an eagle in an open vineyard!.. everything else went perfectly well =P

The highlight of the day had to be the tulip farm! we actually got there when it was closed to the public, and had the whole farm to ourselves until sunset :D It was such a bonus that we didn’t get kicked out, let alone we got in for free! =P

As the sun went down, we started heading back towards Melbourne and by chance we drove past a house with a really huge cherry blossom tree. I thought to myself ‘that would’ve been an awesome backdrop, if only we had a little more sunlight’. To my amusement, Kid and Voon asked to stop the car so that they could attempt to have their final shot of the day. They really weren’t joking when they said they’ll “try their best” to get a shot out of this. So there we were, outside a stranger’s home taking night shots with a tree which we soon learnt from its owner to be a hundred years old! At that moment, I was really impressed by how hard the boys tried, they were literally rolling on the road, snapping away with flash lights and at one point I even thought Kid was going to be hit by a car! Hehe, if this isn’t true passion for what they do, then I don’t know what is! When I saw how the photos turned out, I was in absolute awe as it was exactly how I’d imagine it to be.

Our second day was spent taking iconic photos in the city of Melbourne. So yes, we did the Parliament building, Pelligrini!, Degraves Lane, St.Patrick’s cathedral, yadda yadda.. and i reckon the best shot we had was on the city circle tram!

The tram driver actually stopped for 5 mins and we jumped onboard to take more photos with very amused passengers! I must admit, I was a VERY shy going around the city in my wedding gown, it was such an attention magnet.. gawd! everyone stared, smiled and congratulated us- I felt very uncomfortable at one point- thank god i didn’t bump into any of my work colleagues despite being in work teritory! hehe :P However, after awhile I kinda got used to the idea that- yes I am very much a bride to be! It gave me a taste of how our wedding day would be, hence why people in malaysia call this the “Pre-wedding shoot”! The experience is amazing.

We also went down to the Brighton Beach boxes, shortly after it started to rain so we headed home only to find that we were just in time for a sunset shot at our apartment terrace :)Everything happened with great timing and reason and we were truly blessed with every photo opportunity! We can’t wait until we see the photos, I think we took about a gazillion photos lol! Chang and I are now officially UN-camera shy :)

In summary, there are good photographers and then there are great photographers. All I can say is that if you’re after a super great one for your wedding, you’ll find wonderful photos captured through the lens of Kid! It’s a pity he’s unavailable to do our actual weddings but its a blessing enough to have our pre-wedding shots done by such great talent and that we’ve made new friendship along the way :)

p/s: Yes I did get a second gown for the shoot, THE main gown still remains a mystery to Chang keke :P and SADLY, my new Alan Pinkus ivory bridal shoe is WRECKED from the tulip farm =(

~ the bride to be

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