Samsung 46″ Led TV Review

Samsung 46″ Led TV Review

Today i woke up with rather mixed feelings. I am very excited happy and looking forward to my pre-wedding shoot in Fraser's Hill . Yet i know when i return, i know a lovely permanent fixture for the last week in the lounge of KIDCHANSTUDIO will be gone -the Samsung 46″ LED TV.¬† I was given a demo unit to review, after raving about:)

SAMSUNG LED TV - An art piece by itself!

The TV itself at 1.2 inch is ultra-slim, looks like a piece of art itself complemented so well with the rest of the hangings. It was also a great Digital Frame for my work.

This is what I call Black!

The TV's “Mega Contrast Technology ensured the most vivid and rich of color that were super clear! of course if you were watching some love quality VCD, the images are slightly pixelated. But when you watch Blu-ray or DVD, now that is an absolutely great experience. The BLACK is also REAL JET BLACK TOO!

Have you ever heard of the power of a close-up? Well it is just not the same with this TV!

This TV is so great by itself that at less 5 units of it were sold when my clients/friends saw the quality of LED TV while previewing their pictures with it.

And that is also my absolute  favorite bit of the TV. The easy to use Media Mode, playing photos, music and video from my USB thumbdrive! Just fantastic!

If i feel this sad now to give back the tv, i wonder what i feel like when my daughter gets married?

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