LCB Alumni Blue Ribbon Artistry with KID Chan Exhibition Catalogue

Blue Ribbon Artistry with Kid Chan: Behind the scenes is a touring photographic exhibition accompanied by an exhibition catalogue presented by LCB Alumni – Malaysia Chapter in collaboration with Malaysia’s celebrated international photographer Kid Chan.
Together LCB Alumni and Kid Chan will bring you into the heart of the action, where audience will be brought up close up, behind the scenes with participating Alumni.
The Exhibition aims to feature LCB Alumni in their element as a professional at work bringing the best of themselves forward. You will witness the emotions behind the passion which generates the creative process which in turn brings satisfying results to many around them.

Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia X KIDCHAN
Message by Mr. Frédéric Laplanche- Ambassador Of France In Malaysia
Message by Mr. André Cointreau- President & CEO of Le Cordon Bleu
Artist Introduction of Kid Chan
CHEF JOHNSON (graduated in 2010 from Le Cordon Bleu Sydney)
DARREN CHIN (graduated in 2012 from Le Cordon Bleu Paris)
DATO’ FAZLEY YAAKOB (graduated in 2013 from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia & Paris)
DATIN SU WAI FUN (graduated in 2014 from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia)
ABANG BRIAN (graduated in 2015 from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia)
CHEF NIKOM UATTHONG (graduated in 2015 from Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia)