Kid Chan on RTM2′s Hello on Two Breakfast Show

Dear All,
This is a recent TV interview that i done on National TV. I was interviewed on RTM2′s Hello On Two. I had great fun chatting with the host Terrence Dass and Azaria Tagaya.

Truth to be told i am geting increasingly more uncomfortable doing live interviews. This is because i find myself more interested in the interviewer’s stories than my own story ( i heard mine more than 500 times). It is fine if it is not on air, but when it is live i have to resist the temptation to do that , because i need to let the interviewer do their job:) If you notice the interview, i kinda like held back and ask a bit more questions than your regular interviewee.
Btw some one commented that, it must be fun being an expert/authority in photography? And my reply, I dont relish being an expert (especially these day when everyone is one), i enjoy being a photographer :)