Kid Chan judges and photographs in NTV7’s reality TV programme Super Cute Episode 7

Kid Chan judges and photographs the contestants of NTV 7 reality programme Super Cute 2013. As for the theme of this latest episode, the contestants have to complete their task to portray as the Myterious Circus performers that may include clowns, acrobats, animal trainers and Show Girls.

Panel of judges introPanel of judges introduction.

Introduction of shootIntroduction of Kid Chan as renowned photographer.

coaching posesTEAMKIDCHAN member coaching contestant to pose for the Camera.

PS in progress2Shooting in progress with TEAMKIDCHAN.

judgingJudging and evaluation session.

judging 2Panel of Judges, from left to right: Happy Kee, Lynn Lim & Kid Chan

The Previous episode 4 blog post details of Super Cute reality programme featuring Kid Chan & TEAMKIDCHAN.

And here are the contestants' Mysterious Circus Performers Portraits.