How would you price your precious memories?

It is no secret that I can be quite a geek, in the pursuit of best quality I often buy gears that I don't really need. Recently I found my 5 year old camcorder which i haven't use for a long time. When I saw it my initial thought was …”ah…there goes about another three & a half thousand dollars down the drain!”

I was even thinking if the camcorder would power up. But it did and lo and behold I found footage of among others were when Faith was 2 and playing bubbles, Adira when she was just born, some behind the scene of an ultra exotic destination wedding in Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy & the some behind the scene of a major shoot for Prestige magazine.

All of these I can say I have forgotten at least 98%. But the best of all the footage is the following ultra cute one of my two girls when they were 2 years old and 3 months respectively. I definitely think that it will give Charlie Bit my finger a a run for it's money (YES, I am biased hahaha)!

Suddenly the wasted RM3,500 seems like a little sum to pay and in fact I would pay much more for these memories. Do you think so? How much would you pay for your precious memories?

Are you like the most of us, with the memory of a goldfish? Perhaps photograph can speak more than a thousand words..especially for those unique moments that cannot be replaced?

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