Event Photography for the Birthday Celebration of Tan Sri Gnanalingam, Executive Chairman of Wesports Holdings

I love photography! As photographers, we are privileged to share the joy and excitement of the family and friends and are most often than not touched by these very precious moments ourself! But once in a while there comes an event that we are deeply impacted by!

Yesterday we had such an event!#TEAMKIDCHAN was honored and humbled to be the official photographers & videographers  for the birthday celebration of Tan sri Gnanalingam,the Executive Chairman of Westports Holdings. The very respected corporate leader most affectionately known as Tan Sri G celebrated his birthday in a intimate do among his closest family members and friends.

To see a great man celebrated for his lifetime achievement not only as business visionary, but as a great father, husband and now a grandfather is sobering and really putting things into perspective for me. Like the very friendly and down to earth Tan sri said, at the end of it all what really matters is Faith, Family and friends!

Tan Sri G birthday (31)

Happy birthday Tan sri G thank you for being such great inspiration to a youngish daddy like me!

TEAMKIDCHAN also provided & also provided Instaprintz services at the awesome event!

Kid Chan

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