Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event Photography

What is Corporate Event Photography?
Corporate Event Photography are executed by  Corporate Event Photographers, who captures the minute details of an event as it unfolds.

Who is an Corporate Event Photographer?
A Corporate Event Photographers are not merely a cameraman that goes around snapping pictures. We are Professionals that are well versed in
proxemics, lighting, angles, management, film management, color separation and more often that not very artistically inclined. The act of clicking the camera is only a small part of the elaborated process to
obtained quality pictures:

The “pre-clicking processes” includes:
Careful planning through effective communications with clients.
The “post-clicking processes” includes:
Digital Retouching  and  Digital asset management.

Why an Corporate Event Photographer?
Event photography is a demanding art; results are obtained through knowledge, experience and creativity. To be able to work quickly and promptly, knowing exactly what pictures are necessary besides the spontaneous candid, and just as important, making everybody look and feel good about themselves can be done only after years of experience.

What will justify my cost of hiring an Corporate Event Photographer?
Among the factors that would justify the cost of an event photographer would be:

1. Documentation A lot of time, effort, expense, and anxious moment are spent to create a successful event for an organization. The fact
is that people come and people go in an organization, but often enough events are normally recurring (annual dinners, family day & Etc). Are
those in managerial position willing to spend a large sum of money to start from scratch AGAIN? Not to mention, the frustrations that are
involved in replicating the event. This all can be avoided, if they are minuted by a detail Event Documentation, as the cliché saying goes
” A picture is worth a thousand words”.

2. PR exercise The success of your organization really depends on your valued customers. So, why not tell them how much you value them?
For instance, if you client attended one of your functions and was photographed, sent them that pictures. Let them know that, they are
valued and not merely making up numbers at your functions. It is also relatively a cheap PR tool only at the cost of a Reprint. You will
also have a legitimate reason to send them a mail without the accusation of sending corporate junk mails. Think Mileage! Think Brand
Awareness! Think Advertising! THINK KIDCHANSTUDIO!

3. No second take – After years of experience, an event photographer do not crack under pressure. Although, your company may have a staff
being an excellent photographer, but it is really not the same as a professional event photographer. Important photo opportunity of a VIPs
visit may be gone forever, if the designated photographer was overwhelmed by the presence of the VIPs and not to mention the PRESS!


4. Memories – If it is worth all this, along with the anticipation, isn't it also worth preserving for the years to come.

If you have decided that you want professional quality photographs, don't let price alone dictate that will be documenting your event.
First find quality photographers, then consider price, if it is a factor.

The BEST service providers or vendors usually charge more for their work than the average or the new.

If you want to save money, there are ways to do it – but we are sure you  would agree that  sacrificing quality or experience to save a couple of dollars might not be the best ROI for your organisation.

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