Collection of 2014

2014… what can we say…

It has been a fantastic year for some, and not-so-fantastic for others. We have gained some, we have lost some…

We rejoice with you, who have new additions in your families. Congratulations!!!

Our hearts also go out to those of you who lost your loved-ones through calamities or accidents. Sad to say, we really don't know how much time we / our loved-ones have with us. Cherish every moment!

For Team KidChan, I must say, we've been blessed.  Truly blessed. We've been blessed with many opportunities to grow as a team, a highly loyal customer base and new ventures with prestigious brands.

KIDSW081bFirst & foremost, we want to give thanks to God! Without Him, nothing is possible.  We believe EVERYONE, our customers, vendors & employees are put in our path for a reason. We cherish everyone of you!! THANK YOU…. for enriching our lives.

“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Alfred Eisenstaedt

Your energy, inspiration and beliefs had brushed on us, so much so that we are forever changed (for better) because we met you! THANK YOU!!!

To close, we've been blessed by you, for entrusting us to capture your once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, important milestones, beautiful family portraits and many prestigious events. It's only right that we share these heart-warming moments with more people, to touch their lives, to inspire them.

As the new year begins, we have many new hopes, new aspirations, new ventures and new plans.

Hope is good. Hope replenish our souls and keep us doing what is necessary to achieve greater heights.

We want to wish all of you a FABULOUS YEAR ahead!

A Year filled with joy, laughter, meaningful friendships, blossoming love, pink of health and success in everything you do.

Much love,
Kid & Shirlyn

P.S: Stay Tune for Check out KIDCHANSTUDIO's Top 10 Moments (& More) of 2014!