2 -in-1 Solutions for Rising Fuel Cost and Expanding Waistline in Malaysia.

Dear All,

Greetings! In the following boot I think i found a Two in One Solution in Rising Fuel Cost and Expanding Waistline in Malaysia.

Yup a bicycle of course! But before you start jumping up for joy, let me get you a complete rundown. Do you know some bicycle, technically not a bicycle yet (course they don't come with wheels, gears, breaks and all) can course you RM15,000 upwards????

For starters, there are many parts to a bicycle. And they come separate. And then there is also question of accessories for the bicycle. And then accessory for yourself to look cool on the bike hahaha….

Accessory such as these:

Torchlight for night riding ….(ooh i like KNIGHTRIDING)


Water container

Helmet for safety…the new Armani (absolutely for Glam ahhaha)

So how much did my rockbike & accesories cost? Not much around RM1,200. Most season riders would say to get a decent bike, budget around Rm3,000. Wife-y was not impressed. So i started with what they call, a very decent beginner's bike.

But we have a side deal. If i am still crrazy enough to do biking 6 months down the road, it's time for an upgrade. So wish me luck.

Oh where to get a bike?

Most of my friends recommends KSH in Taman Tun Dr. ISmail. I found Mr. Lim particularly helpful to a beginner. So if you want to save some travelling cost or shrink your waist line, JOIN ME!

Full address of KSH:
No.34, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad,
Taman Tun
Dr. Ismail 60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7727-5173 Shop hours: 10.30 am to 8pm

You should also do some survey at bicyclebuysell.com

Have fun!

Best regards,
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