Sometimes I feel like an idiot….

Dear All,

Hi! I hardly do this kind of emo post. But if this is is a TRUE diary, it just can’t be filled with happiness, great parties, celebrities, exotic locations , gorgeous weddings and nothing else.

So, why the title? Well it is because sometimes i really feel like an idiot or moron. Perhaps I am one. I am not talking about situation where i am oblivious of which so and so that I am talking too.

I am talking about what is happening right at home.

Sometimes I am quite clueless and insensitive, especially to Shirlyn’s feeling. Her needs and the kids. Sometimes i feel as if that i have 3 daughters to take care, but in actual fact the case may be Shirlyn having 4 kids – Faith, Adira , KIDCHAN at home & KIDCHAN at work

I supposed i can go down the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus route and start defending myself. but I WILL NOT. That will only mean that I am trying to find excuse for myself.

I dont really know what i am rambling about, but Shirlyn please forgive me if I have been insensitive.

However, i really do ask for one thing. Please be EXPLICIT with me. Your hubby can really be quite clueless. Bee, don’t be tolerant of me, tell me off ! you know what i always say about tolerance, it means we have a bone to pick. You also know that we are really blessed and appreciative of one another because of our open communication. So good or bad bee, give it straight to my face!

Lastly, I am VERY SORRY and I love you very much!

Love you,
your numbskull husband

2 comments on “Sometimes I feel like an idiot….
  1. she’ll forgive you on whatever you do. you’re working hard for the family, she’s taking great care of the family for you. it’s a give and take thingy =)

    and that you’ve realized that she has 4 kids to take care of, u’ll love her more, she’ll be happier, and your family has reached another level of happiness =D

  2. ala u understand ge la.. sometimes wanna tell you off .. also very hard la.. cos u working and all.. she also dun wanna create tension…. if she tell u off.. she scream + you show black face…fai si wanna see your face…

    u must have guilt guide you la.. now, whatever you decide to do, have to think of your wife and kids already. i am sure.. whatever she does, she will think of you too..

    🙂 take it easy

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