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  1. Hi,

    I’m looking at hiring Kid Chan for wedding day only. Just wondering how many assistants will there be and how much/what is included in the package?


  2. Hello to Team KidChan

    Can I request the photography package for Nikah And Solemnization done in the same day ? (17/7/2011). The Nikah will be in the morning (bandar baru bangi) and reception in Taman Botani, Putrajaya (evening)

    Please do let me know of the rates for the above for photography done be the KidChan senior photographers k? Thanks

  3. Hey,

    Can I get more info on the package for a pre-wedding & wedding day photoshoot (Dec 2011)? Also, do you have a videographer?


  4. Hi there,
    Would just like to find out if ur available on 17th September 2011 for a punjabi engagement ceremony?
    Appreciate if you can email me your quotation.
    Have a nice day :)

  5. Hi,

    I would like to get more info on pre-wedding and actual day photography as well as whether you can provide the service for videographer as well.

  6. Hi I am interested in finding out more about your actual day shoot packages. Do you also do pre-wedding outdoor shoots? Please contact me at my email address, thanks! =)

  7. Hi I’m interested in pre-wedding(outdoor shoots) and actual day(somewhere around dec 2011) photography packages.


  8. Hi Kid,

    I would like to find out more about your actual day (Nov or Dec 2011) package for photography and videographer.

    Thank you and Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

  9. Hi KidChan

    I, too would like to request the photography package for Nikah And Solemnization done in the same day in November.Morning solemnization and evening reception.
    I would also want to know the rate for individual event should I want to book for single event only.
    Do you have a shoot N burn package?

    Thank you

  10. Hi,
    We’re looking for a photographer for our church wedding mass (morning) and dinner reception and possibly some couple shots after the church wedding either at the church grounds itself or the dinner venue (within KL). Could you give me a quote that caters for: church wedding and dinner reception only, AND one more quote that includes church wedding, dinner reception and extra couple shots. Thanks!

  11. Hi Kidchan,
    I am looking for a photographer to cover my ROM on May and the event will last until lunch time.

    On top of this I would like to get your quote for destination wedding photography > both pre wedding and actual wedding ceremony held in Boracay, Phillipines.


  12. Hi, I would like to wnquire on soleminization and chinese tea ceremont photography package.
    Its on two separate days. 1 in Singapore while the other in JB.
    Pls advice. :)

  13. Hello Kidchan,

    Saw your webpage and we like it. I would like to know further on your rate and availability for our engagement on 18th June at Shah alam. Hope to hear from you soonnnn!!!!!! Thanks.

  14. Hi Kid,

    I would like to enquire about photography and videography for wedding on June 30th 2012 in KL along with prewedding photoshoot. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks.

  15. hi i would like to know bout wedding and pre-wedding photography and videography(Aug 2012)packages? Also for pre wedding do u provide make-up n costumes?..thanks

  16. I am looking for a photographer & videographer for my sis big day in Nov 2012. This will be a whole day event. Could I have a quote for both?
    Thanks in advance!!

  17. Hi Kid, Wondering what are your packages for only photographer on my actual wedding day and dinner on the same day 29th Sept 2012? In KL and at 1 Plaza Kuala Selangor for dinner? Thanks

  18. hi,

    I’m interested in actual day(somewhere around dec 2012) photography and videograhy packages. wedding will be held in Terengganu.

  19. hi,

    i would like to enquire a quote for a custom package. i have 3 events (church wedding, temple wedding and reception on 3 separate days. each day duration 5-6 hours. can u look into my request and get back to me please.


  20. Hi,

    I am looking for a quality videographer to take the shoot during my actual day on 29 Dec 2012, morning session. The fast-edit video should be show to the guest during dinner time.

    The location for video shooting is Skudai & Grand Paragon Hotel @ JB.

    Beside that, I would like to know the photographer + videographer package.

    Please email me a budgetary quote for the above.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  21. Hello,

    I was just wondering if you do pre-wedding photo shoots in Sydney, Australia. If you do, please email me details of your rates and packages?

    Thanks alot! :)

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