Edwin & Hui Chieng (12)

Pre-wedding Photography In Perth for Edwin & Hui Chieng

Hi there!

Sometime late October last year, Senior Photographer BK and myself flew to Perth for the Pre-wedding Photography of Edwin & Hui Chieng.The weather was lovely in Perth at the time. On the day of arrival, feeling very fresh we proposed to the lovely couple to get to the very picturesque Busselton Jetty for a warm-up shoot. They agreed and Hui Chieng’s dad sportingly drove us there. Mind you from Perth City- Busselton Jetty is 2.5 hours journey. Man! Mr. Yong have great stamina! Thank you Uncle:)
FYI, according to Wikipedia Busselton Jetty is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere, stretching almost 2 km out to sea.

On the way there there was a slight drizzle and having seen images of Busselton Jetty, i quickly plan the money shot. Here it is:

After that we went to shoot a few more images making a trip worthwhile for everybody and by the Grace of God, he blessed us with one of the most spectacular sunset i ever seen. Of course we seized the opportunity:)

On day two the weather was again perfect for photography. So good that we started shooting immediately outside our hotel- the Melbourne Hotel. Yes, Hotel Melbourne in Perth. Even the custom officer’s was confused. However Hotel Melbourne is a 4 star boutique hotel strategically located in city  built in 1897. The room size is very generous and highly recommended. If you know Perth’s hotel rate, it is really expensive. No joke.

We then proceeded to the King’s Park.

We later went to the bride’s alma mater- University of Western Australia (UWA) of more famously know as UDUB. Coincidentally it is also my wife’s uni.


Then we proceeded to have a great lunch at Kailis in Freemantle before taking more shots.

After that we wrapped up the shoot with a round the city sunset crusie departing from Jojo’s jetty.

We really had a great time photographing this lovely couple and their sporting family. It was great to see that the pre-wedding photos were well used for their wedding day in Miri last week.

I also took the opportunity to visit my Alma mater- Curtin University and some old friends. All in all, it was a great work and memory down the lane trip!!

Stay tune for their actual day wedding photos in Miri! Looottts of lovely ones :)

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