Blogger’s Choice Awards – Best Photography Blog

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Update: Thank you all for your support. Voting has ended.

Dear All,

A Diary of a Wedding Photographer In Malaysia (YES, this one!) has been nominated in the Best Photography Blog category for the BLOGGER’s Choice Awards!
Please CLICK on the image above to go to the voting page

And I will be counting down with a daily TOP 10 Reasons to Vote for KIDCHAN’s Blog!

Reason #10 to vote for KIDCHAN’s Blog:
It’s is a Sunday, you have nothing better to do and you are feeling charitable :) !

Enough of Vote Pimping, a Special BIG THANK YOU to my TECHGURU the very cutiepie for tweaking and giving my blog a new look (oh no-i gave away REASON #9!, hehe)


SEE ME with Maya Karin ON ASTRO!
+6(012 215 9933)
“100 People You Must Know in Asia”-Malaysia Tatler
“the most sought-after wedding photographer in Malaysia” -NST
“Picture Perfect”-The Edge Daily
“Kid Chan- Celebrity Photographer” – Le Prestige

236 comments on “Blogger’s Choice Awards – Best Photography Blog
  1. pwahh. you gila gila link up for people to vote for you. lol. i shall berlink you as well so that my friends will vote lah.

  2. *honoured*
    i just changed a few things..dun nid thanks wann! =P er thanks for thanking me..i will say thanks more often!! hhehe =P

  3. Mission accomplished. Belanja kopi. Last I look it is a lot of votes already. While you are there, vote me for the Most Obnoxious Blogger. Lose out to Perez Hilton only, dun pway-pway.

  4. Lisan: thanks…still waiting hahahh

    wings: tor cheh!

    ckyeo: if i win, big satay party okie?

    HUEI: don’t mention. thanks fer all your help

    5xmom: I vo-ted you …long before you vote me ( sung to Savage garden’s tune)

    Kim: thanks…i would have voted for you, even if you did not voted for me. Nice MOVES!

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